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The Kentucky Oil & Gas Association was formed in 1931 to represent the interests of Kentucky's crude oil and natural gas industry, and more particularly, the independent crude oil and natural gas operators.

Our goals include promoting, protecting and advancing the interest of the oil and gas industry; opposing any unfair and unjust legislation which may adversely affect the oil and gas industry; and, disseminating reliable publicity to further and protect the oil and gas industry.

The Kentucky Oil & Gas Association is dedicated to the responsible production and conservation of Kentucky's natural resources, while ensuring that its members are provided fair regulations, are educated on oil and gas issues, while protecting individual property rights, health, safety, and the environment..

KOGA Online will provide you with current information to help you in matters pertaining to this industry in Kentucky, as well as a number of other areas where up-to-date information is important, posted prices in Kentucky, regulations proposed for the industry, and many, many other topics.

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